RL-049A Multii Function Relife Disassemble Set

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1.Anti-static design

2.Stainless steel handle body, anti-scalding rubber sleeve, comfortable grip

3.Double-head dual-use disassemble set

4.Suitable for tin planting, glue removal, etc.

5.Suitable for cutting the bracket glue, removing the back cover, etc.

6.Suitable for prying open various cable holders, shoveling batteries, etc.

7.Suitable for removing the back cover, prying the CPU, etc.

8.Suitable for prying plastic shell of various electronic products, removing back cover, etc.


Double-headed multi-function prying knife 5*2

Cutter heads are rich in types and widely used

Hand polished cutting edge

Ingenious quality, tailor-made, strong hardness, good toughness, precision dismantling

Ultra-thin and super tough

Ultra-thin design, imported steel, continuous bending, full of toughness



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