Freedom Separator RF4

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RF4 7-inch 360° Rotating Powerful Vacuum LCD Screen Separator Machine


  • Rotation angle: 360°C without dead angle
  • Fixed by special fixture, stable
  • Rotating fixture for the curved middle frame, more stable 
  • Detachable fixture, more convenient
  • Adjustable angle tilt heating separation table
  • The LCD Screen Separator is used for separating glass lens, touch screen, and LCD assembly for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi as well as other cell phones
  • Bionic octopus suction cup design, strong suction, fast heat conduction 360-degree rotation, curved LCD, and flat LCD are applicable

How to Use:

  • Open power switch
  • After entering the temperature, put the required middle frame on the workbench, open the vacuum switch
  • To remove the middle frame, we usually remove the frame first and then divide the cover plate. First, adjust the direction and cut the top of the screen with an OCA thin slice, and then swipe both sides of the screen with a blade
  • Then turn over and use the OCA thin slice to split the screen and remove it
  • Clean screen edges glue Adjust the screen direction
  • Use the OCA glue remove water and thin slice insert the screen cover to open a positioning port to facilitate steel wire entry
  • Use the separating rod to separate, first from one corner into the line and then change to another corner into the line, keep the balance of separation
  • Exhaust and remove the screen

Package includes:

  • 1 x Separator machine
  • 1 x Power cable

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